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The arrival of the Millennium opened with TOTO finishing their tour and several of the bandís members working on solo projects. Steve Lukather won a Grammy with guitar-legend => Larry Carlton, and the band found themselves sharing the stage with Eric Clapton in Mexico in October 2001.

2002 marked the 25th Anniversary of the bandís illustrious career, and TOTO went back into the studio to record Through the Looking Glass, paying tribute to their roots and musical heroes by recording "TOTO-ized" versions of classic songs that got the band started. The record was released in October, and the band left for their 25th Anniversary Tour later that month, visiting all of Europe and closing the run in the Far East at the end of December.

In January 2003, TOTO continued the anniversary tour and recorded a live DVD in Amsterdam. Mixed by Simon Phillips in April of that year, the Live in Amsterdam DVD was an immediate hit among the fans. Accompanied by a CD of the show, the DVD sold very well, hitting the Hot 100 on After the release of their DVD, TOTO returned to the Night of the Proms in Europe from October until December and played in front of over 600,000 fans.

TOTO continued touring in 2004, visiting South East Asia, South America, and Mexico before returning to the United States in May. They played two full shows with the Honolulu Symphony in Hawaii and later the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in Georgia. The tour continued through September of that year, where TOTO was invited to the prestigious Tokyo Jazz Festival, during which they played with Herbie Hancock.
2005 marked another monumental change in the TOTO lineup. David Paich, semi-retired from touring to stay home with a sick family member, was replaced by Greg Phillinganes on tour. Later that year, Greg permanently joined the band, thereby returning the band roster to six members with two keyboardists. A world-class player whose credits include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Eric Clapton, Greg has brought a new energy to the band on stage as well as in the studio, where he helped record TOTO's seventeenth release, Falling In Between. Featuring both Joseph Williams and Steve Porcaro, Falling In Between is yet another amazing example of TOTO's commitment to professionalism and perfectionism.