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1 '56 Fender Stratocaster black
1 '60 Fender Stratocaster fiesta red
1 '64 Fender Stratocaster sunburst
2 Custom Authentic Les Paul Standards
1 Music Man/Ernie Ball LUKE

1 '65 Fender deluxe (run wide open because that's the way it sounds best!)
The original Jensen speaker has been replaced with a redesigned Vintage 30 Celestion speaker. It has a smaller voice coil to get rid of the harshness

1 Ibanez SD9 distortion pedal (used with the Les Pauls)
1 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (used with the Stratocasters)
1 Thomas Organ Cry Baby Wha pedal

Ernie Ball Medium picks

Ernie Ball regular Slinky strings

'56 Strat black '60 Strat fiesta red '64 Strat sunburst

Les Paul Les Paul Music Man LUKE
Fender deluxe

Photos © Tony Spinner 2003